The Ugliest Duckling - COMING 2020!


Creventive Puppet Company is honored to announce our involvement in the remount of “The Ugliest Duckling” originally created by Marc Dunworth that premiered at Tears of Joy Theatre in Portland, Oregon in 2011.

"Set in Australia and starring a cast of vibrant and colorful creatures, The Ugliest Duckling adds a twist to an old tale. Imagine mother duck’s surprise when an egg in her nest hatched into a platypus! Yuckay the platypus gains self-confidence as he uses his talents to help others and bravely faces Kurreah the Crocodile.

The Ugliest Duckling teaches children that everyone is unique in their own right."
This remount will be created in partnership with the Marc Dunworth Foundation for the Performing Arts for release in 2020.
More details to come...