Frequently Asked Questions:


►Where does the word "Creventive" come from? +

The term “Creventive” is the brainchild of our Artistic Director and Founder, Connor Asher. It encompasses two of the most important qualities for a nourishing, artistic enterprise. Creativity and Invention.

►What is your Mission statement? +

Our mission is to provide unique theatrical experiences and workshops using the art of puppetry that will entertain, inspire and educate audiences of all ages through our professional theater company.

► What types of services do you offer? +

Creventive Puppet Company offers a wide-range of services including: Puppet Shows, Performance/Building Workshops, Concept/Design, Custom Puppets, Walk-around Costumes, Rentals, and more.

►What are your hours of operation? +

Our hours are by appointment only! Contact us VIA email or phone if you would like to setup a visit.

►How many employees do you currently have? +

1 full-time, 3 part time.

► How long has creventive existed? +

Creventive was founded on July 4th 2014 and has been progressing ever since, thriving to expand our art forms and produce quality content through our productions for the fans!

►How does Creventive Puppet Co. support the community? +

Creventive Puppet Company provides an opportunity to experience and learn about a traditional art form that is expressive and entertaining in a way all its own. Puppets can do and show things that a person never could. They have the ability to live out the fantasies we imagine, much like a cartoon, but in a live 3-D venue. They are magic, and everyone should have a little magic in their lives.

►What sets Creventive puppet co. apart from other competitors? +

Our competitors are anyone doing live performances for a family audience, however we are different from the average performance troupe. Our puppet shows are complex works that involve many styles of puppetry and performance techniques blended together to create a unique experience.

Some styles used in our shows include shadow, hand, mouth, rod, tabletop, Czech marionette and found object puppetry to tell our stories. We layer our designs, music, scripts and performance styles together in a complementary way that fuses these separate elements into a single work of art. Our shows are special and represent us and our style. We love doing what we do and that comes across loud and clear in our shows and workshops.


►What are the specs of your puppet stage? +

Check out our "Booking Info" page for more info.

►What makes Creventive Puppet Company's shows stand out from the rest:

Each of our shows help kids build self-esteem, and social emotional skills by learn important morals including: problem solving, simple mathematics/science, teamwork, etc.

►How much do your shows cost? +

Every show has different needs and sometimes requires multiple puppeteers, along with travel - shows can range anywhere from $200-500

►How does each show run/begin:

Each show begins with Jeremy J. Giggles (the stage manager) coming on the stage, interacting with the audience to ensure they're ready for the show, the show begins (each extremely interactive/educational/entertaining for kids), after the show ends - a Q/A session follows along with a behind the scenes demo on how the puppet show was done, and how each puppet is operated.

►Do you perform at birthday parties, weddings, and other events? +

We sure do, we have a variety of different performances to suit your needs for any special event including: birthday parties, weddings and so much more. If you want to email us with the specs of your project, please do so.


How Do I book a class/workshop? +

  • You can book a class/workshop by contacting us.

Why don't you regularly offer classes +

  • At this time, because we do not have our own public space - 80% of the workshops we currently offer are private venues/clients. However on ocasion, we host public workshops.
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Each puppet is hand crafted to order with full-attention to detail. Once a price is agreed, Creventive Puppet Company will send a quote and ask for a 50% non returnable deposit that will go towards materials. Creventive will only ask for the remaining balance plus postage costs once you are happy with the final puppet.

General wait-times vary and are usually 6-8 weeks out until the startup, unless otherwise noted at the time of ordering. Once your puppet commission order is placed you will be given an estimated date of completion.

Work is started in the order deposits are received.