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Kukula Fest - Puppet Festival

Creventive Puppet Company will be presenting: On-Camera Puppetry Basics

Presenter:  Connor Asher
Description:  Participants will learn the basics of hand puppet manipulation including lip sync and eye focus. Each participant will be given a simple hand/rod puppet to use throughout the class and explore ways to bring a character to life. Participants will break into groups to practice actions, and lip-sync by singing group songs.

Biography:  For over 8 years, Connor Asher has been delighting family audiences with his humorous puppet shows through Creventive Puppet Company. He performs well over 100 shows per year for libraries, schools and camps throughout the USA. Asher was initially attracted to the art of puppetry through the work of Jim Henson and Fred Rogers, whose characters captivated his imagination. At the age of 3, Asher saw his first live theatrical production and became so intrigued with theater that he began creating and performing his own puppet shows for his family, friends and kids in his neighborhood. He joined the Puppeteers of America in 2014, attending regional and national festivals which opened his eyes to many forms of puppetry and a community of puppet professionals and enthusiasts. Asher studied animation at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago and learned creature fabrication from Stan Winston School of Character Arts in 2015. Asher has worked at Buck’s Rock Performing and Creative Arts Camp as the head of the puppetry shop in 2017 and currently works part-time at Bill Fosser’s famous puppet production of Opera In Focus. Asher is the president of the Chicagoland Puppetry Guild helping spread the art of puppetry to the community and bring puppeteers together. He volunteers his time at the Kiwanis Club of Oak Park River Forest where he has done multiple hospital visits to children with his puppet characters. Asher has also organized, designed and built a wheelchair costume for Magic Wheelchair. In 2017, Asher was awarded the Mike and Frances Oznowicz Young Adult scholarship to attend the Puppeteers of America’s National Puppetry Festival in Saint Paul, MN. His mission and passion with Creventive Puppet Company is to create original, quality puppet theater for children and their families.